Recorder Features

The 24-hour full-information synchronous uncompressed high fidelity record of standard electrocardiogram is realized

  • Portable and Light

    Portable and light, easy to wear

  • OLED Display

    OLED display is available on plus serials recorders to preview ECG easily

  • Event Button

    Event button to record abnormanl event time for patient

  • Durable Patient Cable

    Patient cable with anti-reverse insertion and anti-drop function, safer to wear

Software Features

  • Template Edit
Supports the linkage editing Template, Lorenz Plots, Overlay beats on same interface, which can quickly correct the wrong and missed beats 
  • Lorenz Plots
Realize the reverse editing of Lorenz Plots, with RR Poincare, RR Difference Poincare, Four-quadrant poincare, Time-share Poincare
  • ST-T Segment Analysis
Multi-image simultaneous display the analysis results by ST-T scanning to view of ST-T changes quickly
  • Atrial Fibrillation Edit
Automatic-analysis function of Atrial Fibrillation/ Flutter
  • Overlay Beat Analysis
Demix tool is available to discriminate and edit QRS in different morphology
  • Multi-channel QRS Detection 
Simultaneous display of 12-lead waveform, provide with RR Graph to adjust analysis area, QRS detection sensitivity above 99.5%, support interval re-analysis
  • Histogram
More than 50 types of histograms for comprehensive and quick display and editing of arrhythmias
  • Advanced Analysis Tool
Provide multiple analysis tools, such as HRV Time Domain, HRV Frequency Domain, HRT, DC, TWA, SAP, Lorenz, etc
  • Multiple Arrhythmia Analysis
Visualized arrhythmia event list for rapid positioning of severe arrhythmia types, supports instant print or export report
  • Pacemaker
Automatically distinguish autonomous beats and pacing signals, and automatically classify and edit AAI, VVI, DDD, etc

Software Interface

  • Lorenz Plots

    Lorenz Plots

  • Atrial Fibrillation Edit

    Atrial Fibrillation Edit

  • Template Edit

    Template Edit

  • Event Edit

    Event Edit

  • ST-T Segment Analysis

    ST-T Segment Analysis

  • Histogram